. . . Tuesday January 11, 2005

And on the Fifth Day…

… God created donuts.

Thanks to web traffic analysis, we are finally able to begin to quantify the shelf-life of the average new year’s resolution.

And where better to start than with the diet sites. As one would expect, traffic to these sites surged as the ball dropped on Times Square.

From MediaDailyNews:

“Visits to health sites bloated by 18 percent in the first four days of 2005, compared to corresponding days in 2004. But, By the fouth day, traffic to sites like southbeach.com and trimspa.com began to taper off.”

On the afternoon of the first of January, my wife and I couldn’t decide if we felt like burritos or Chinese food, so we picked up both.

It’s nice to be ahead of the curve.

Concentration is important!