. . . Friday December 10, 2004

Wither Smart TV?

The S.F. Chronicle’s Tim Goodman wonders why smart people don’t seem to be watching smart television (maybe there are more of the latter than the former?):

Not to throw a gigantic wet blanket on the state of television, but there’s a decent chance that neither the best drama nor the best comedy on television will be back next year.

HBO’s “The Wire” and Fox’s “Arrested Development” couldn’t be any different from each other, but they share one similar trait: relatively speaking, nobody’s watching either of them.

I see where Goodman is headed with this, but I must make a couple of admissions. First, I’ve never really been able to get into the Wire. It looks good and I’ve considered getting the DVDs and I tried to get into it in the middle. But I just wasn’t that into it. I’m sure it’s great. People I agree with think it’s great. But I don’t watch it.

I do watch Arrested Development. It is funny. It is clever. It is the “smartest” comedy on television right now. But here’s my other confession. I don’t really look forward to Arrested Development. And if I didn’t have TiVo, I’m not sure I’d make a point of being home to watch it. I can’t say why that is either.

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