. . . Monday December 13, 2004

The Up-Armored Secretary

Salon’s Eric Boehlart echoes a point I tried to make in regard to the questioning of Donald Rumseld:

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld’s rude reality check on Wednesday — broadcast worldwide during a town-hall-style Q&A session with surprisingly blunt Army reservists in Kuwait — generated headlines in part because it’s so rare for Army grunts to challenge the Pentagon leadership in public. But the critical give-and-take also made waves and jolted the secretary because Rumsfeld is simply not accustomed to facing this type of tough questioning, certainly not from the deferential press corps that covers him and the Pentagon on a daily basis. Instead, many reporters in the clubby world of the capital continue to hold Rumsfeld in unusually high regard, considering he’s the point man for the deeply troubling U.S. strategy in Iraq.

It turns out that another National Guardsman brought up the issue of unprotected vehicles with Donald Rumsfeld more than a year before the much more famous Q&A session. There just wasn’t much follow-up back then.

Look, there is no way that anyone can sanely complain of liberal press as long as Donald Rumsfeld is still in office.

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