. . . Tuesday December 21, 2004

‘Til Death Do We Part

The family of a Marine killed in Iraq is trying (unsuccessfully so far) to get access to his Yahoo email account. Yahoo has a policy of not sharing passwords, even with family members, and according to the terms of service (you all read those carefully, right?), accounts not active for 90 days are deleted.

This is tough one. You want the family in this case to have access to the account. Yet, one understands Yahoo’s policy of privacy when it comes to such general matters.

This conflict seems like it leads to an idea for a company or at least a service. I’ve often wondered about the topic myself. If I was run over by bus, how would my family do such simple things as, say, let you know why my blog hasn’t been updated for awhile. So much of my life is online. I’d want my wife and family to be able to access some (but, for godsakes, not all) of my accounts.

There ought to be a way to desginate a person or people that are to be given access to some or all of your digital content and/or email and site passwords.

If nothing else, I’d like someone to turn off my sponsored ad word buys at Google and Overture.

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