. . . Tuesday December 7, 2004

The Spitzering Image

In a move that will surprise few New York political observers, Eliot Spitzer has decided to run for governor in 2006. Don’t take my word for it. Check out his blog.

It does indicate how much the roll-out of a political candidacy has changed over the past few years when all of us bloggers get a heads-up about the announcement a day in advance and when few candidates can really launch a serious bid for office without their own blog.

In addition to his record of going after big companies (and making it impossible for me to use my Visa Card to feed my online poker addiction), Spitzer’s most unique political characteristic seems to be his willingness to lead with the receding hairline. Many politicians (including some from his very state) may have opted for a combover, extensions, hairplugs or the daily Crayola treatment. But not Eliot. He wears his partial head of hair proudly. And as a guy who is the son of a bald man and who has his own skullcap shaped, Al Gore-esque, back-of-the-head fallout beginning to rear its ugly fleshtones, I salute him.

Ah, the hell with it. I endorse him.

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