. . . Wednesday December 22, 2004

Searching the Globe

Courtesy of the Google Zeitgeist, here is a look at the most popular web and news queries on Googles in countries around the world.

A few thoughts.

Paris Hilton, it turns out, translates. So do Jessica Simpson, Angelina Jolie and the rest of the often scantly clad gang.

Hey Canada, what’s with the Ashton Kutcher thing? We may be giving our neighbors to the North too much credit, eh?

Are you irritated by Pokemon, Hello Kitty or Harry Potter? Too bad. There is nowhere in the world for you to hide.

In China, nine of the first ten queries are all in Chinese characters. The first one that’s not? NBA.

Question: What was the third most popular search in France?

Answer: The word France.

At least Britney Spears was tenth in France, so there’s some hope. The French also did their share of searching for Paris Hilton, but let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they were searching for the Hilton in Paris.

Shrek appears to be huge in the Netherlands. They also seem to be a little too enthusiastic about the movie Garfield.

What we call soccer seems to be sort of popular around the world.

Norway has a pretty eclectic musical vibe going. Their top five music searches are: Shakira, Metallica, Eminem, Madonna, Iron Maiden.

Maria Sharapova is more popular in Korea than she is in Russia.

The ninth most popular search in Russia is plastic windows. The transition to Democracy really can be rough.

This dude is friggin huge in Japan.

Orlando Bloom was the most popular overall query in Norway. If you were Orlando Bloom, how fast would you be on a plane to Norway right now?

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