. . . Wednesday December 1, 2004

Scantily Clad Waitresses Top the News Again

A newspaper in Chile is breaking new ground by essentially letting the readers be editors. The newspaper, Las Ultimas Noticias, keeps close tabs on what stories are getting the most clicks on their web sites. Then they adjust their coverage accordingly. If a story doesn’t garner much interest, it’s killed. They also track popular photos. Not surprisingly, a photo of a scantily clad waitress was among the top stories following a recent gathering of world leaders in Santiago.

What would such a system mean for American news? It’s not too hard to imagine as several similar systems are already in place.

According to Yahoo’s most viewed pictures, the stories that we see as most vital today are:

- A dude with six fingers.

- Piercing taken to extremes.

- Rhinoceroses fucking.

Over at the NYT, some of the most popular stories include:

- Our aging genes (health is always huge).

- The fall of Ken Jennings.

- A New Age of Heroes (the sandwiches).

Here are top searched for words on Lycos for the week ending Nov 27:

Clay Aiken


Tara Reid

Paris Hilton


Pamela Anderson

Britney Spears

Brooke Burke

Pigskin Passion


And a around here at Davenetics much of my traffic during the last few weeks has come from folks searching for news related to the Monday Night Football towell dropping.

Man, if I had only picked up on the rhinoceros sex story sooner.

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