. . . Thursday December 16, 2004

Rum and Joke

Even the neconist of neocons is now calling for Rummy to take a hike. William Kristol made the case for a Rummy removal yesterday.

A few thoughts.

First, Kristol is right. Rummy should be canned. But so should Kristol.

Second, all those who are calling for Rumsfeld’s departure based on his poor performance during the now famous Q&A session should come to their senses. He deserves to go. But not for that minor offense. There are few remaining cases in which performance is more important than press. War is one of those cases. Please don’t try to pretend that bad PR is Rummy’s greatest sin when it comes to Iraq. He should’ve been the first cabinet official out (even in a world where Tenet and Bremer get medals).

Third, we know all those on the right are coming out of the woodwork now, post-election, because doing so earlier would’ve hurt W’s chances of maintaining residence in the White House. But this is W’s war. And Rummy is W’s man. If you really think Rummy must go, you also sort of have to believe the same fate has been earned by his boss.

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