. . . Thursday December 2, 2004

The Roid to Victory

Jason Giambi will go down in history as the first currently playing baseball player to admit to using steroids. This is the equivalent of Joan Rivers admitting that she may have had some plastic surgery at some point.

I used to work as a sports reporter, covering major leaguers on the field and in the locker room. Here’s a hint. If a guy is pretty thin, has good skin and a pretty nice disposition one year, but then is huge, has a bloated and acne covered-face and a short fuse the next year, he’s probably taken roids.

Watch how big this story gets. Nearly everyone will educate themselves and have a very strong moral opinion about the use of roids in the big leagues. There will be congressional hearings on the matter. Maybe all of that will be justified. But it’s interesting to compare the coverage (in the media and around the watercooler) that this story will get compared to more pressing issues of the day (and I’m not talking about Scott Peterson).

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