. . . Tuesday December 7, 2004

The Neocon Job

The biggest story regarding the cabinet changes in this administration has little to do with who is going and everything to do with who is staying.

From the Globe’s Peter Canellos:

“Whither the neocons was the great question of the Bush campaign. And it was, perhaps, the most important question of the entire 2004 election, because it would define Bush’s doctrine of preemption. But it was not answered until last weekend, when Rumsfeld confirmed that he was keeping his job.

Bush presented his idea that the United States should destroy terrorist threats before they strike, but his fierce rhetoric never included a standard for judging such threats. Must a threat be immediate or merely potential? Would the country ever be justified in acting against nations simply to hasten the spread of democracy?

… Iraq is looking less like the past and more like the prologue.”

Concentration is important!