. . . Thursday December 9, 2004

The Knock at the Inbox

A few decades back, before my friend Mike and I had adopted our solid policy of never answering a knock at the door, Mike responded to a doorbell and found himself face to face with a couple of Jehovah’s Witnesses. And they wanted to talk.

Now this was back when we were in junior high and it was long before the days of spam and even the now ever-present marketing phone calls that interrupt your every dinner, so neither of us had developed our Jedi skills for getting off the phone or away from the door. Mike left the foyer for a moment to come and tell me who was at the door and then he asked my advice for how he should react.

I thought about it for a second and then came up with what I thought was a reasonable plan:

“Tell your little brother that the door is for him.”

Well, it turns out that the twenty minute conversation Mike’s little brother had so many years ago may soon be coming to his inbox, and yours. Many religious groups havee discovered the wonders of spam. Now instead of knocking on your door, they are sliding into your inbox.

I guess it could be worse. We could be seeing the opposite trend. How’d you like to answer the doorbell only to find a couple guys selling Viagra and penis enlargement cream standing next to that couple from Nigeria who need to raise a large sum of money and fast?

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