. . . Wednesday December 15, 2004


It keeps getting weirder. Just when you think we’ve heard the last of the Bernie Kerik story, we learn that he had “a third wife” (in addition to the two we already knew of) who he never told anyone about.

Forget homeland security. This guy is a friggin reality show waiting to happen.

We’ve also now learned that Kerik filed the paperwork required to employ his nanny in New Jersey a cool two weeks before W announced his nomination. Then the nanny left country a couple of days before the nomination (a detail, which in addition to everything else, will make it hard as hell to hire another nanny).

Kerik’s friend quoted in the above story insists that the filing of the paperwork had nothing to do with the nomination and that the nanny had been planning to leave the country for months. Someone get this guy a job at the White House communications office.

But wait, it doesn’t stop there. You know that apartment in Battery Park that Kerik used as a meeting place for himself and the alternating women with whom he was having affairs? Well, it turns out that the apartment was donated for use by Ground Zero workers.

How do you spend a lifetime in law enforcement and not have a better idea of how to get away with stuff?

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