. . . Tuesday December 7, 2004

Hamburger Drops Towel, Exposes Nipple

In today’s noise-filled airwaves, it’s not easy getting widespread coverage of a hamburger (assuming one is unwilling to expose some sesame seed buns).

But Hardee’s managed to break throug with their new Monster Burger. How? Well, they made a move that would probably be viewed by most Americans as a whole lot more obscene than anything the Desperate Housewives could come up with.

Hardee’s, ever the contrarian, decided to come out with a burger that is actually worse for you than any other burger on the market.

The Monster stats:

1,420 calories

107 grams of fat

230 mg of cholesterol

2,651 mg of salt

And what happens when you introduce a burger that is terrible for those who eat during an era when fast-food chains are moving towards a more healthy menu line-up? You get coverage. Lots of coverage: Letterman, Leno, newspapers, television, radio, blogs, international outlets.

And what about the downside of feeding people this kind of fat and other crap during a period where obesity is on the rise (and the the width)? There’s even a silver lining to that issue. One happy customer explains:

“They’re big and thick, with all the trimmings. You don’t have to worry about all bun and no meat. They’re really good. Eat one, and you don’t have to worry about another. It’s a meal.”

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