. . . Monday December 13, 2004

Going Nuclear in the Senate

Given that President Bush has led one of the more extreme administrations in recent decades, one would imagine that his judicial nominees have been blocked like those of no president before. One would also assume this given the fact that the GOP has positioned the Democratic blocking of judicial nominees as “a formula for tyranny by the minority.”

In fact, only ten of 229 Bush nominees have been blocked by a filibuster and his first term success ratio is better than most recent presidents.

Majority leader Bill Frist has still indicated that he may resort to a procedural “nuclear option … One way or another, the filibuster of judicial nominees must end.”

Incoming Minority Leader Harry Reid responded: “If they, for whatever reason, decide to do this, it’s not only wrong, they will rue the day they did it, because we will do whatever we can do to strike back. I know procedures around here. And I know that there will still be Senate business conducted. But I will, for lack of a better word, screw things up.”

Happy holidays.

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