. . . Tuesday December 7, 2004

Eat (Like) the Rich

It’s just not that easy to lose weight at a liquor store.

Last weekend, I spent the day applying temporary tattoos to kids who live in shelters who were attending an annual Santafest Christmas event and dinner. One of the more shocking things about working with poor families is that many of them (including the kids) often suffer from obesity. On some level, that makes no sense. How can kids who barely get enough to eat end up being fat?

The answer has everything to do with diet. Part of this certainly has to do with depression and a desire for the most comforting of comfort food. But the diet of those who live in inner cities is also greatly impacted by the availability of fresh and healthy food.

There is often very little of either in the worst neighborhoods where liquor and convenience stores reign and fruits and vegetables are in rare supply.

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