. . . Thursday December 16, 2004

Dear Bernie, Thank You, Thank You

Let’s face it. For the last several weeks things have been pretty quiet for Democratic bloggers and news seekers. We were up off the canvas, but we still had blurred vision and rubbery legs. We wrote, but without the same passion. We visited other sites, but without the same diligence. We barely even knew who was on Hardball that day unless we happened to flip to MSNBC during one of our beer, online poker and comfort food binges. People asked us how we felt or what we thought about the next few months in politics and we just quietly told them to check out our blogs.

Between now and the second swearing in, we needed something to hit us in the gut and bring us back to the game.

And so I say, thank you Bernie Kerik. Thank you for the affairs, the stalking, the potential mob ties, the mystery wife, the illegal nanny shipped out of the country days before your nomination, the use of an apartment donated for Ground Zero workers, the un-Kosher stock and equity deals, all of it.

You brought us back. You revitalized us. You reached out from the tabloids, the entertainment channels and the Howard Stern show and you grabbed us and brought us back to politics.

Bernie, we salute you.

I wonder if that DNC Chair job is still open.

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