. . . Sunday December 19, 2004

Bigger Than Namath

Time named W this year’s Person of the Year.

It makes perfect sense. If anything, it was too obvious a pick. Why? First, because the longest and most expensive and most covered election of our time was all about one guy. For the GOP, this was an election about Bush. And that was even more true for Democrats (what was the name of that guy the Dems ran?).

Second, even though Bush was the incumbent and part of the ascending party, this election was still an amazing upset when you think about it. Consider Bush’s first term. A disasterous series of errors related to Iraq (from the reasons for going to the management of the effort), a sluggish economy, an incredible litanny of goofs and gaffes, a lurch to the cultural extreme, a poor performance in all of the debates, and the list goes on. And yet, he managed to win and even widen his margin of victory considerably.

When you consider just how unlikely it is that this guy is a two-termer, you realize that this was bigger than the ’69 Mets. It was bigger than the U.S. Olympic Hockey team of 1980.

It was bigger than Namath.

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