. . . Tuesday December 21, 2004

Beyond the Fetish

The matchmaking site eHarmony just collected a cool $110 million in venture funding from Sequoia and other top tier investors.

eHarmony is positioned differently than most of the other dating sites. The goal is to find a partner for marriage as opposed to just finding a partner for the next 20-25 minutes. Participants are required to answer a 436 item questionanaire in order to find others with similar interests and wants. I was married before the service launched. Does anyone know if there is a section of questions about HD Tivo, online poker, hydrogenated oil-friendly zones, non-medicinal marijuana, late night overeating, and his and her Powerbooks? Just wondering.

One key angle to focus on when it comes to this and many of the other dating sites that are making a lot of dough is the social networking play. It looks like some of the general social networking sites are on the wane whereas social networking with a purpose is on the rise.

Look for the vertical social networks to emerge big time in 2005.

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