. . . Wednesday December 1, 2004

Before Torture Was Hip

Before most Americans had heard of Abu Ghraib, the higher-ups in the military (and it’s impossible to imagine that Rummy was not among those in the know) received a confidential report of widespread torture and other questionable tactics being used across Iraq. The report also warned that the actions which could be considered “technically illegal” were ultimately feeding the Iraqi insurgency.

There are four questions to keep in mind here:

How did Donald Rumsfeld manage to hold an already difficult to hold job after the torture scandal and a poorly planned war?

To what extent have our behaviors in Iraq added to our own casualties and are we repeating those behaviors in the war on terrorism?

When every military vet you talk to is quick to point out the unthinkable ugliness of war, why are Americans always so shocked to hear of examples of that ugliness?

If Abu Ghraib and other suggestions of torture marked a low point for America, then how can President Bush nominate a guy who helped to set the associated policies for a gig as the nation’s top law enforcement official?

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