. . . Thursday December 2, 2004

Abstaining from Reality

As if it’s not bad enough that we’re replacing comprehensive sex and safe-sex education with unproven and unrealistic abstitence programs, now it turns out that those absistence programs are often consist of a series of ridiculous lies.

Instead of learning about condoms, diseases and safe-sex, many teens around the country are hearing nonsense such as:

- Touching a persons genitals can lead to pregnancy.

- Half of all gay male teenagers in America have AIDS.

- A 43 day old fetus is a thinking person (not that abstitence programs are really pro-life, religious dogma in disguise…)

- HIV can be spread via sweat and tears.

- Condoms fail to prevent HIV transmission about a third of the time.

- Women who have abortions are prone to suicide and often end up sterile.

Pay close attention to these trends. There is a very important and growing movement at work here and it’s being funded by you. You’ve got real sex education being replaced by religion-based hogwash that breeds ignorance at best and hate at worst. You’ve got an effort to get more religious teachings into schools at the expense of accepted science such as evolution. You’ve got federal dollars being distributed to “certain” religious groups who argue that they are helping people with substance abuse, etc. You’ve got constant attacks on those who are tarred with a reputation of being among the intellectual elite.

You want your values war? You’ve got it.

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