. . . Thursday December 23, 2004

Aborting the Mission?

Where do the Dems go from here?

The LA Times describes part of the debate when it comes to that question:

The fight is a central theme of the contest to head the Democratic National Committee, particularly between two leading candidates: former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, who supports abortion rights, and former Indiana Rep. Tim Roemer, an abortion foe who argues that the party cannot rebound from its losses in the November election unless it shows more tolerance on one of society’s most emotional conflicts.

If that doesn’t work, Dems can give up their other principles one by one until something takes.

Dems did not lose the election because of principles. Dems lost the election because they diminished their own principles (in the misguided hope of an anyone but Bush landslide) and a longstanding failure when it comes to messaging and framing the issues. When you’re selling yourself, better to change the pitch than the product.

The worst case scenario response to last November would be to transform the party in Republicans Light.

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