. . . Tuesday November 23, 2004

You Know Where I Stood

Donald Rumsfeld told reporters that he backs the President and wants to see an intel reform package get passed.

Rumsfeld, apparently having no strong opinions on the matter, explained: “What they’re in is a very complicated negotiation up there. As I say, I haven’t been involved in it, I’ve been out of the country. But the president’s position is evolving as the negotiation evolves.”

I have two problems with that. First, I’m hearing evidence of a bit of a nuance on W’s part. Do we know where he stands or where he stood or where he’ll evolve next? Second, I thought these guys didn’t believe in evolution.

Since we’re on the topic of media coverage and public discourse today (see below), this exchange brings up an interesting question. What do you think is more common knowledge: The political gamesmanship or the content of the proposed intel overhaul?

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