. . . Monday November 1, 2004

When 1-900 Numbers Call You

According to the A.P., voters in several Michigan cities have been receiving recorded phone calls that suggest Kerry and Edwards will legalize gay marriage:

When you vote this Tuesday remember to legalize gay marriage by supporting John Kerry. We need John Kerry in order to make gay marriage legal for our city. Gay marriage is a right we all want. It’s a basic Democrat principle. It’s time to move forward and be progressive. Without John Kerry, George Bush will stop gay marriage. That’s why we need Kerry. So Tuesday, stand up for gay marriage by supporting John Kerry.

That’s the best they’ve got? How boring. Didn’t they get the memo from the GOP operatives in Florida? To move the last handful of voters, at the very least, you’ve got to play the dirty bomb card or suggest that Osama was wearing a John Kerry pin.

Meanwhile, GOP officials suggest that they’ve heard reports of phone calls by supposed Bush supporters who either tell those who answer the phone that they’ve been drafted to fight in Iraq or simply unleash a litany of swear words.

Good to know they’re still using Cheney right up to the end.

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