. . . Sunday November 28, 2004

What is the End of an Era?

Kottke fills us in on the soon to be broadcast defeat of Ken Jennings.

Don’t worry. It can’t possibly be over. Stay tuned for the Ken Jennings talkshow circuit, the Ken Jennings expose on Dateline, your chance to win a date with Ken Jenning’s mom on MTV, a visit to the White House (that’s two plus million of intellectual elitism), the file sharing version of Ken Jennings’ unlikely night with Paris Hilton, the Ken Jennings bobblehead doll, Ken Jennings dropping a towel and jumping into the arms of Terrell Owens, the Jennings Lifetime Network biopic (Two Million Doesn’t Go That Far When You Have Four Wives), the Ken Jennings Jeopardy boardgame, the Jennings v Trebek WWE pay-per-view cage fight, the Ken Jennings Learning Annex class (What is another faux-educational ripoff?), Ken Jennings’ return for the Jeopardy Tournament of Champions (I hear he shows up with three or four tatts, a mohawk and a pierced forehead), the Ken Jennings diet (once you realize how much smarter he is than you, you won’t be able to eat a thing), the Swift Boat Vets assertion that Jennings often didn’t actually respond in the form of a question, and the Jennings tell-all book (“The money was cool. Trebek; sort of a dick.”).

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