. . . Thursday November 18, 2004

Washing His Mouth Out With Soap Not Enough

Arlen Specter is still working to rebuild his image as he bends over (to pray, of course) for the new powerbase of the Republican Party, the religious right. Specter is the first to have to humiliate himself, but he will not be the last. Only the neocons are exempt (when you control the world’s most lethal military, people tend to bug you less).

Specter’s latest effort to get his judiciary chairmanship and prove his loyalty W and Jesus is a letter he is writing wherein he will promise to be predisposed to quickly approve all of W’s judicial nominees (regardless of their opinions on Roe v Wade).

Specter also plans to write “I will not be moderate, I will not be reasonable,” a thousand times on the Senate chalkboard.

Update: Looks like the genuflecting worked. Arlen even threw in the possibility of changing Senate rules to prevent Democratic filibusters. Sometimes the story is best told by a picture.

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