. . . Tuesday November 9, 2004

This Just In: We’re Secure

John Ashcroft and Donald Evans are the first two cabinet members to bolt from the Bush administration.

Ashcroft delivered to the White House a five-page handwritten letter of resignation. Yes, handwritten.

Among the more interesting assertions made in that letter is the following:

“The objective of securing the safety of Americans from crime and terror has been achieved.”

This comment seems to fit nicely into a storyline introduced by W during his election victory speech in which he explained: “Our nation has defended itself and served the freedom of all mankind. I’m proud to lead such an amazing country, and I’m proud to lead it forward. Because we have done the hard work, we are entering a season of hope.”

Does anyone remember anything about a secure people entering a season of hope coming up during the election? I thought we we’re an insecure nation one wrong vote away from being hit and hit hard?

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