. . . Tuesday November 23, 2004

There’s No Frequency, Kenneth?

There will likely be endless debate over how big a part Memogate played in Dan Rather’s decision to step down from his anchor post early next year. Jay Rosen has plenty of takes on Rather’s exit, its relation to memogate, etc.

The world of anchors is so strange. Rather really hasn’t been anywhere near the top in the ratings since the 80s. He has, for several years, been a distant third out of three. In most gigs, you get penalized for those kinds of numbers.

Maybe Rather is being penalized. If he is getting squeezed because of the memo story, then it’s clear that his multi-decade career couldn’t save him. But maybe a number one position in the ratings could have.

Rather will follow Brokaw from a ship that appears to be slowly sinking. How great would it be if they both launched blogs?

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