. . . Thursday November 25, 2004

Terrell, Nicollette and Me

Here are the top ten search engine phrases that ultimately brought visitors to this site last Thursday and Friday:

1. nicollette towel 

2. nicollette sheridan commercial

3. nicollette sheridan towel

4. nicolette sheridan terrell owens

5. nicollette sheridan terrell owens

6. terrell owens nicollette sheridan video

7. nicollette sheridan mnf

8. nicollette sheridan nfl commercial

9. terrell owens and nicollette sheridan

10. nicollette sheridan and terrell owens

But don’t worry. We’re not all about towel dropping. Just take a look at the top ten search phrases that brought visitors here the day before:

1. vibe+awards+fight+footage

2. vibe+awards+fight

3. davenetic

4. vibe+awards+melee

5. vibe+awards+fight+

6. watch+the+vibe+awards+fight

7. vibe+awards+melee+footage

8. footage+of+the+vibe+awards+fight

9. ashlee+simpson+lip+sinking+video

10. shandi+finnessy+and+missouri

I never thought I could feel so happy to see Ashlee Simpson.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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