. . . Monday November 15, 2004

Television’s New Mandate

The FCC recently fined Fox’s Married by America a record $1.2 million for broadcasting sexually suggestive content.

This should bother you. It should bother you that freedom of speech and expression in this country is going backwards. It should bother you if the concerns of a many thousands of people can ultimately control the access to content enjoyed by many millions.

But wouldn’t it bother you even more if the decision by the FCC to target a show came at the request of a few hundred people instead of a few thousand?

How about this? What if the FCC made its move towards this record fine after receiving letters of complaint from a total of three people?

That’s exactly what happened. Great stuff from Jeff Jarvis who will likely be fined sooner or later whether he employs whipped cream and models (and one hopes he will) in the same way Fox did or not.

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