. . . Tuesday November 2, 2004

A Tale of Two Elections

It was the best of elections, it was the worst of elections.

The last few months have been marked by two key trends:

First, people from the blue side and the red side began to hate each other more than ever. And both sides sort of hated Nader and Ashlee Simpson.

Second, it became more and more clear that a lot of voters around the country were basing their contempt on bad information. They had no idea of the facts behind the stories of the day.

That’s one tale. Here’s the other.

People are fired up about politics. This election day is big. This is bigger than Clay Aiken. This is bigger than Trump’s boardroom. This is bigger than Beyonce (unless she’s touring with the other members of Destiny’s Child).

People are waiting in line for hours to cast their votes. Millions of volunteers are participating in the get out the vote ground war. The web has been overwhelmed by traffic. Blog sites are slowing or going down under the stress. Consider the vote officially rocked.

As Ron Reagan pointed out: Apathy is no longer cool.

Whichever way this baby turns tonight, every American should be pretty psyched about the way it went today.

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