. . . Monday November 22, 2004

Reporting from the Front

“In war, as in life, there are plenty of opportunities to see the full spectrum of good and evil that people are capable of. As journalists, it is our job is to report both — though neither may be fully representative of those people on whom we’re reporting. For example, acts of selfless heroism are likely to be as unique to a group as the darker deeds. But our coverage of these unique events, combined with the larger perspective – will allow the truth of that situation, in all of its complexities, to begin to emerge. That doesn’t make the decision to report events like this one any easier. It has, for me, led to an agonizing struggle — the proverbial long, dark night of the soul.”

Kevin Sites tells the Devil Dogs of the 3.1 what he saw (and why he reported it) when he witnessed the shooting of an unarmed insurgent in a Fallujah mosque.

His reflections cannot be easily sliced into a soundbite. They are worth a read for precisely that reason.

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