. . . Tuesday November 16, 2004

Reid it and Weep?

Meet the new Senate minority leader Harry Reid. His election, which was expected, seems to mark a distinct move towards the center or beyond. Reid is a sometimes pro-life (of course, the hardcore pro-lifers are strongly opposed to Reid), teetotaling Mormon who once co-sponsored a consitutional amendment to ban flag burning.

Reid on operating with only 45 votes: “I think it is very clear on matters of principle that we can stand our ground.”

And the move to the middle (or beyond)? Diane Feinstein explains: “When you look a presidential election where we lost in every age group except one, I think it time to do some reassessment — and that’s one reason why I’m glad Harry is there. I believe very strongly that the voice of the moderates of our caucus ought to have some sway. I have noticed in the past that all the gravitas has slid to the left. All one has to do is look at the map to know that you can’t win a presidential election that way. If we keep going on this way, we’ll be a minority party.”

Funny, I thought the problem was that the Dems didn’t have a clear vision or an ability to frame and sell that vision. It appears that a consensus is building that suggests the problem is that Democrats aren’t Republican enough.

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