. . . Tuesday November 30, 2004

Recall: Not Total, But Good

We’ve discussed this before and now it looks like there is even more evidence to suggest that DVR users tend to get more out of television commercials than they did before they had DVRs.

An internal study by the folks at CBS indicated that DVR users recalled products and brands from about 23% of the commercials aired during the time they were watching the tube.

Now, don’t get me wrong. TiVo users are definitely fast forwarding through commercials. But they are also remembering a lot of those commercials anyway.

It really does make sense. DVR early adopters are among the television-watching elite. I never watched commercials before I had TiVo. I flipped the channel or I left the room or I picked up a good book (just kidding…). Now I either see the commercials slow or I see them fast. Who knows, if it’s a really good commercial, I may even watch it twice (although I’m saying that mostly for effect).

There are shows that I would have never sat through before TiVo that I am willing to watch now (when and how I want). Likewise, there are commercials I see now that I didn’t see before. What’s good for the medium is good for the marketers.

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