. . . Wednesday November 17, 2004

The Person of the Year

So they had a luncheon to discuss the possibilities for the upcoming Time Person of the Year award. One of the names suggested was Karl Rove. Perhaps that would be a fitting end to a miserable year for Dems.

Other names that came up included god, Bush, Jesus Christ, Jon Stewart, The Red States, Roger Ailes, The Religious Right and even Bloggers.

In fairness, I think the award should go to Justin Timberlake. He was, after all, the aggressor behind the wardrobe malfunction that was one of the most watched television moments ever and changed the course of FCC history. Ms. Jackson’s breast had a bigger cultural impact than any body part since Ron Jeremy was in his prime.

The exposure was the most talked about issue back in February when it happened. And it’s still making headlines nearly a year later (the latest examples are the debate over a towel dropping on Monday Night Football and a refusal by several stations to risk showing an uncut version of Saving Private Ryan).

Rough draft historians have called this the year of the moral values election. And no single event divided us more dramatically than Justin Timberlake’s wardrobe yank. We split into two distinct Americas before the second half kickoff. One America covered the eyes of their children and wondered how we can stop the runaway train that is the debaucherization of American entertainment. The other America couldn’t figure out why Timberlake didn’t use both hands.

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