. . . Monday November 15, 2004

The Other L Word

The CIA and the administration are in yet another competition. This time, they seem to be competing to see who can resign the fastest.

There are differences of opinion as to whether the shake up at the CIA is justified. But there are probably few who are very surprised. With Abu-Ghraib as a centerpiece, the CIA and the Defense Dept have often found themselves in a battle of leaks. I would guess that some of the folks towards the top at the CIA were as surprised as anyone that the litany of bad international news didn’t seem to hurt W at the polls.

Many of those at the CIA are likely seen as being disloyal to the president. And that doesn’t play very well around this White House where the L word, loyalty, is held in the highest regard. I would imagine that there was a noticeable shortage of boxes at the CIA by the time the major networks called the election for W.

Expect some books, soon.

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