. . . Tuesday November 2, 2004

Ohio and Penn Pull a Florida

Court cases abound in Ohio. In the main case, a judge has ordered that people still waiting in hours-long lines (after the scheduled closing of the polls) must be given provisional ballots and be allowed to vote.

There are also reports of at least one poll staying open later (to 9:30) in Pennsylvania. GOP is trying to stop that one.

In both cases, voters who were already in line get to stay there until they cast their votes. It could be hours.

And the Florida announcement that absentee ballots will not be counted for days could suggest more madness there.

While the legal news out of the battleground states could be worse, any election officials who couldn’t get the job done this year should be out of work by morning. We knew this would be terribly close. We knew the the polling places would be pushed to the limit.

In other news, Colorado will not split their electoral votes.

Man, this thing looks close.

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