. . . Tuesday November 23, 2004

The Nays Get Their Man

Can voters generally disagree with each part of a platform but still feel a sense of overall optimism when it comes to the platform as a whole?

Sure. Take a look at the latest poll numbers. Two thirds of all voters think it’s more important to reduce the deficit than to cut taxes.

But Bush won.

Most poll respondents were unhappy with W’s when it came to Iraq, the economy, foreign affairs, the gay marriage amendment,

But Bush won.

There were some splits. They included religion’s role in politics, the morals issue question, and terrorism.

And here’s an interesting one: Americans now say they have a more favorable view of the Democratic Party than they do of the Republican Party. That actually makes perfect sense. There are fewer Democrats in power and therefore fewer of them to hate.

The GOP is playing right into our hands…

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