. . . Tuesday November 30, 2004

Monkey See, Monkey Don’t

The best argument against the “theory” of evolution is the existence of those who still seek to replace it with creationism in school curriculums. Who would’ve believed that 80 years after his famous trial, John Scopes would still have a monkey on his back?

Well, it turns out he does.

Those who doubt that or doubt the existence of a cultural war in this country need look no further than Dover, Pennsylvania, where evolution will now be taught along side the crackpot nonsense known as Intelligent Design.

The folks at Intelligent Design like to pretend that they simply have a science-based dispute with those rebellious evolutionists: They describe it as “a scientific disagreement with the claim of evolutionary theory that natural phenomena are not designed.”

So who did the designing? Oh, you know who. And if you don’t, a high school student from Dover will help spell it out: “There’s only one creator, and it has to be God … Evolution — is that the Darwin theory? I don’t know just what he was thinking!”

Call this a de-sign of the times.

There is a cultural war going on this country, but only one side is fighting. Wake up.

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