. . . Thursday November 11, 2004

Microsoft’s Search Box (Google’s Results?)

This post has been corrected below:

Just because I am a lifelong Mac user, it doesn’t mean that I want to rain on Microsoft’s beta search parade. But after months and months of building hype, I find the results to be lacking.

Now I haven’t done any deep research. In fact, I only performed one ego search. I searched for my other site, electablog.

I’m guessing this wasn’t quite the branding play that the folks in Redmond had in mind.

Wait. I stand corrected. Somehow I found my way to the old MSN search. Indeed, the new one comes out with a more delightful result. No google. My site.

If I had half a brain, I’d just delete this post altogether. Instead, I’ll reposition it as a pat on the back to MSN for a job well done.

Update two: Now that I’m over my embarrassment, I will say that the beta MSN search is giving me fewer results for the same words than Google and in some cases, the search results were based on data that was several weeks old.

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