. . . Thursday November 11, 2004

A Measured Response

We now know we can’t really trust exit polls. But, believe me. By the time the next election rolls around, we’ll be trusting them again. And advertisers will go on trusting Nielsen ratings no matter how antiquated their methods seem.

For example, would it surprise you to know that Nielsen plans to ask Neilsen DVR families to record their viewing habits using a pen and paper. Yes, they’ll continue along the path of the now-famous television watching diary.

It’s so funny that the web was for many years known as an advertising channel that didn’t hit its numbers. The trouble with the web is that the tracking is so far ahead of other mediums. When it comes to television and magazines, as buyers have been trained to operate in a results vacuum (and frankly, that’s just how creative teams probably want things to stay). Brands still spend billions on advertising channels that are sized based on questionable data and that offer little in the way of measureable results.

Put that in your diary and smoke it.

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