. . . Friday November 12, 2004

Mahered For Life?

Just in case the blue state bashing right wingers didn’t have enough celebrate this month, we bring you the case of Coco Johnsen.

Ms. Johnsen is suing Bill (my politics may be blue, but my balls never are) Maher for his false promises of marriage and a life together in the house once owned by JLo and Ben Affleck – for which she gave up her burgeoning career as a Delta flight attendant (I’m not sure when the thousands of nude photos available on the net came into the picture).

Let’s begin with a comment supportive of Mr. Maher. It is, after all, hard to believe that there is anyone who thinks that a promise of marriage from a guy who regularly speaks out against it coupled with the karmic waste left behind by Bennifer could be a good sign. My guess is that Coco is one of the many who still remains convinced of the existence of Saddam’s WMD program.

But the fact remains that the right will have some fun with this. They have the Hollywood angle, the family values angle, the Bill Maher angle. But wait. That’s not all. There is also the frivolous lawsuit seeking uncapped damages angle. For the distress caused her by Mr. Maher (there were the alleged promises and claims that he shook her violently on one occasion), Ms. Johnsen is seeking a cool $9 million. Forget Delta, not even working for Southwest or Jet Blue pays $9 million…

So who is behind all this? Is Alan Simpson looking to continue the Zell-channelling, ass-whooping he gave Maher on his last HBO show of the season? Is it Bill O’Reilly who was actually scheduled to appear on Maher’s show the week when his phone-sex story exploded? Or does Ms. Johnsen simply have a valid claim?

If this all seems to be a bit too perfect a snack for the right wing gang, just listen to this:

The lawyer who is handling the case for Bill Maher is named Streisand.

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