. . . Thursday November 11, 2004

Lay Off, Watch Fox

Thomas Friedman: “Taking in this scene I had very mixed feelings: a fervent hope that victory in Falluja will start to tip Iraq in the right direction, and utter scorn at the fact that we are now, once again, fighting a full-scale war in central Iraq, without an ounce of self-reflection by an administration that long ago declared ‘mission accomplished.” But don’t worry. Rummy has it all under control. He hasn’t made any mistakes. Everything is going as planned. The plan was always to fight running street battles in Falluja 20 months after Saddam’s fall.

So lay off. Shut up. Watch Fox. Wave a flag. Visit a red state. Don’t ask how we got into this fix. Shut up. Lay off. Watch Fox.”

Concentration is important!