. . . Tuesday November 2, 2004

It’s Rebuilding Time for the Dems

All that’s left is the speeches (Well, OK, the lawyers in Ohio, and then the speeches). You’ve got to hand it to the GOP political machine. No WMDs. Poor economy. Bad news out of Iraq. International contempt. Horrible debate performances. And still, these guys won the election. Make no mistake. To still win it, even given the performance of this president and some of his top team members over the last couple of years, is nothing less than a complete political ass kicking. Oh, and they’ll keep the House and the Senate too.

That means the GOP is just better at the game and more sure about what they believe in.

Dems know tonight they lost the race. And they know that they’re stuck with W. But the inability to close this deal suggests that they may not know enough beyond that. They need to start figuring it out tomorrow morning.

All the provisional ballots in the world won’t change that, folks. Even if Ohio flipped (and it still might and I hope it does and I think the story of who got provisional ballots and why has legs), the Dems would have much work to do.

Assuming Kerry doesn’t have a miracle in him, the Bush family just passed the Adams family (that father and son had only one term each). W is now a massive historical figure. Get ready for a hard move right and maybe a new S.C. justice or two. Damn.

The Dems did make some strides. More toughness. More ground work. Good internet. Improved messaging. But a long way to go.

Look on the bright side. Two or three hundred years from now, all anyone will remember about 2004 is the Red Sox. Between now and then, in the words of my urologist, this will be incredibly uncomfortable.

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