. . . Friday November 5, 2004

Is it Too Early to Get Out the Vote?

According to the latest United Nations guesstimate, in about three hundred years the planet earth will be populated by a cool 9 billion people living to an average age of 95.

A few thoughts.

First, at the rate we’re going, I really wonder whether we’ll still be walking upright. Stayed tuned for a right wing, religious, creationist school board in the South (circa 2304) to point to a picture of one of us and proclam, “There’s no way we evolved from that.”

Second, if we’re going to be pushing 95 in three hundred years, I think that bodes well for the prospect that we’ll see the bipartisan will to fix social security within about 250-260 years, max.

Third, 9 billion people. That should mean 3 billion Starbucks and at least 12 billion political blogs.

Fourth, it’s all going to be about turnout, baby.

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