. . . Wednesday November 17, 2004

Hopelessly Devoted

Stephen J. Hadley, who is set to replace Condoleezza Rice as National Security Advisor has a record (especially when it comes to the war on terrorism and Iraq) that is decidedly mixed.

Well, it’s mixed until you examine the factors that have helped to determine W’s second term cabinet picks so far. Hadley is a neocon favorite and has long enjoyed the backing of Dick Cheney. He also took the bullet for allowing faulty intelligence to get into W’s 2003 state of the union address. In other words, he’s loyal. Real loyal.

Think about the trends so far. Powell is out at State. Rice is in. Gonzales moves to Justice even though he signed off on the torture memos. And Rummy is still heading things up at Defense.

Hadley fits the trend. Yes, he is a big backer of missile defense even though we’re in the age of terorism. And he continued to insist that Iraq had meaningful ties to Al Qaeda long after such suggestions were debunked. Oh, and he was one of the key players in charge of planning for postwar Iraq. Sounds like a disaster to me. But in this administration, you achieve ascension by avoiding dissension. Saying yes is being right.

So far, those who were most wrong on Iraq are getting bumped up and those who had doubts are out or on the way out.

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