. . . Thursday November 11, 2004

Gained in Translation

Governor Arnold has received numerous offers to repeat his performances as a Japenese product pitchman. Now one would assume that shooting television ads while in Japan on official California state business would raise a few red flags.

But wait. What if the Governor took the sponsorship gig and then used his paycheck to re-open California’s trade office in Tokyo?

Arnold explains: “That’s really my mission … Maybe in the next six months I will be able to accomplish that … It’s quick money. You work for a day and the trade office opens. You have enough money for several years. That’s really the way to go … All along while I’ve been doing this job, the offers are coming.”

Who can argue with that? Maybe Arnold should release Terminators four, five and six in an effort to erase California’s budget woes once and for all. Isn’t it about time that we moved beyond all this nonsense about values and back to what really matters: value.

But let’s be clear. Arnold’s use of ad proceeds to support the state he governs will set a truly remarkable precedent. Next time we go to the polls, we may be required to consider just how much outside dough each candidate’s celebrity can pull in.

You may have your own political leanings, but if the Colin Farrell/Britney Spears ticket guarantees that their overseas product hawking can close the deficit, you’ve got to consider them, no? Pam Anderson may not do that well in a debate with John Edwards and Bill Frist. But the bottom line is that neither of those dudes can move the Sapporo.

And Bush ran against Hollywood…

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