. . . Monday November 1, 2004

The Early Bird Catches the Term

At the risk of being over-confident on couple of counts, I have taken the liberty of changing my tagline. See how the new one strikes you:

Dave Pell, U.S. Ambassador to Cyberspace

While the campaigns are turning up the volume for the final push, the fact remains that a significant percentage of swingers have already cast their votes. And in states like Florida and Iowa, those early voters are leaning heavily towards Kerry. These numbers should be viewed through the lens I created earlier today when I explained, quite dramatically, why this race cannot be close.

I’m sticking with my original prediction made a few weeks ago:

Percentage of Popular Vote:

Kerry: 55%

Bush: 44%

Nader: 1%

Electoral Votes:

Kerry: 306

Bush: 232

When I first made this prediction, I felt it was only fair to mention that I was, at the time, ranked 53 out of 60 in my NFL betting pool.

This week, I was among the top five.

Concentration is important!