. . . Friday November 12, 2004

Don’t Call Us

For the last few weeks, I have been receiving a stream of incoming text messages to my cell phone. This experience has been unnerving on a couple of levels. First, no one I know ever text messages me on my cell phone. Second, truth be told, there are only a handful of people who even call me on my cell phone. So I am not without some sense of needy anticipation whenever I feel the gentle vibration of my Motorola.

All of this makes it even more irritating that I am being messaged by ATT, my own friggin’ wireless carrier. I find it shocking that in this age of (you can take your number with you) rabid competition among wireless providers, mine would go to these lengths to antagonize.

And to opt out of this cell phone spam, I had to go to a website and fill out a form. If I get one more message, I may have to go to a competitor and fill out a form.

Concentration is important!