. . . Monday November 29, 2004

Don’t Bogart That Morality

The Supreme Court’s latest look at the use of medical marijuana is positioned as a battle between state’s right and the federal ban on pot.

It should be positioned as a moral issue. But not in the way most people think.

There is some irony that those who see themselves as the moral police, protecting us from ourselves, are also among those who seek this illogical, absurd, cruel, and yes, immoral effort to keep relief from those who seek it.

Want the moral position on medical marijuana? Here it is. If you are sick and in pain and you can ease your pain without hurting others, then do it. Period.

Putting petty politics in the form of insane arguments ahead of symptom relief for those in pain is immoral. Those who preach morality have so deluded themselves that they think allowing people to smoke a plant is worse that barring patients from relief.

No one is stupid enough to argue that marijuana is nearly as powerful or potentially dangerous as prescription drugs (if Pfizer invented pot, we’d never have this debate). There simply is no downside here.

So why are so many groups lining up to stop people on their deathbeds from smoking a joint?

Well, some of them buy into the arbitrary world of morals where certain drugs are bad (generally those that are not controlled or have apeared alonside Tommy Chong in a major motion picture) and other drugs are good.

Some conservatives in Congress have argued that thousands of people die each year from drug abuse and that medical marijuana sends a message that drugs are good. Using that logic, we should ban chemotherapy because it causes hairloss and because it’s sending a message that people can be healed.

Anti-drug groups worry that giving an inch when it comes to any illegal drug is a step in the wrong direction.

Again, what is the moral message that is being sent with these arguments? That ideology (no matter how illogical) should trump humanity?

Forget drug use. How do we explain this version of morality to our kids?

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