. . . Friday November 19, 2004

Desperate White House Wives

As was astutely pointed out by the Washington Post (perhaps looking to give Wonkette a run for her money), President Bush failed to kiss Alberto Gonzales.

The same cannot be said for Condi Rice and Margaret Spellings, both of whom were smooched following their nominations. On one hand, we’re used to seeing a man kiss a woman on the cheek as a way of saying hello, goodbye, congratulations, or I expect your loyalty above all else and if I don’t get it you’ll be on the speaking circuit with Colin.

But it is a bit strange to see an employer kiss an employee who has just been given a promotion. Wouldn’t a firm handshake (the same one given to the men who were nominated for cabinet positions) have done the trick? And then there is the bigger question: Why would the FCC allow this kind of debauchery during a daytime telecast?

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